Drawing Cartoons & Comics FOR DUMmIES


Drawing Cartoons & Comics FOR DUMmIES

by Brian Fairrington

You may think cartooning is just for kids, but that’s far from the truth! Cartooning is a highly lucrative enterprise. Cartoons influence the way people look at political and world events, they make people think, and they help people laugh at themselves. Cartooning is more than just funny characters telling jokes — it’s a snapshot of real-life situations where you, the cartoonist, can share your opinion about life and its endless interesting situations. Being able to draw is only one facet of being a good cartoonist. Being able to get across a compelling point with just a few pen strokes and to add the details that make your cartoons stand out from the pack is equally important. This book shows you how.

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Drawing Cartoons & Comics for Dummies ( PDFDrive.com )

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