IPL bubble: Bluetooth bands to enforce distancing, others’ rooms out of bounds


IPL bubble: Bluetooth bands to enforce distancing, others’ rooms out of bounds

Players can meet each other at the doors of their rooms or in the designated meeting areas, but have to adhere to the two-metre social distancing requirement.

‘Consider the possibility that I need a hair style. For what reason wouldn’t i be able to go to another player’s room on the off chance that we keep up social removing there? During photoshoots, would we be able to embrace and give high-fives? What is the convention for the make-up individual? Will the group stylist be in a PPE unit? Would we be able to evade nose-swab testing and decide on spit testing to recognise Covid? Will I need to wear the Bluetooth wrist band constantly?’ – These are a portion of the inquiries raised by players during an online course led by Indian Premier League authorities in the United Arab Emirates on Monday.

The convention that raised the most passion among players is the one that denies setting off to another player’s room regardless of remaining in the bio-bubble – they are not permitted to go during the isolate period as well as whenever previously or during the competition. They can meet each other at the entryways of their rooms or in the assigned gathering zones, however need to stick to the two-meter social separating necessity.

Bands with warning alarm

The players need to wear a unique Bluetooth wrist band that will sound an alert on the off chance that they break the two-meter separation rule. The players can remove the band just when they rest. It’s additionally discovered that even the relatives of the players remaining with them need to wear the band however there is no clearness yet on the working of this gadget.

The players were educated that even in the group transport, they need to sit in a crisscross manner so they don’t come in one another’s contact. A couple of them needed admittance to the inn hall, however it was denied.

In-house hair-stylist

Incidentally, Mumbai Indians have taken a hair-stylist along with them from India to the UAE. Rajasthan Royals had pre-arranged for a private beach to be exclusively kept for the use of their team. “I guess I will have to cut my own hair as our team hasn’t been posh enough to fly in a barber!” says a player from another team, with a laugh.

One of the standard sights in group lodgings are players ganging up at a space for some PlayStation and game-reassure time. Yet, that won’t be conceivable this IPL. They should utilise the assigned zones like exercise centre, group room and pool where they can discuss, however with the essential social removing. Numerous establishments have additionally chosen not to permit outside food; rather groups will have just the food served by the inn.

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